PageSlayers Summer Camp is a 2016 Knight Arts Challenge Winner.

Each PageSlayers session takes place at The Thrive Innovation district (780 Fisherman Street, 2nd Floor, Opa-locka, FL 33054). We employ published, professional writers-of-color. At the end of the camp sessions, a reading is held on-site for campers to perform an original piece of writing before an audience of friends, family and the Miami community. By sharing their work through performance and publication, these writers will be put in contact with new readers, building literary communities not only in Opa-locka, but Miami as a whole.

PageSlayers is grateful for the support of individual and private donors, as well as our partner, the OLCDC. Many thanks also for the generous support from The Knight Foundation, Miami-Dade County Community Grants, Locust Projects, and the Wavemaker Grant.


To cultivate the next generation of writers-of-color in South Florida. We will accomplish this by:
1) exposing students to exceptional authors of color in South Florida;
2) introducing students to writing styles outside of the standard elementary school curriculum;
3) providing a nurturing, supportive environment that encourages creative self-expression and positive experiences with reading and writing.


+ Who can attend PageSlayers Summer Camp?

At the moment, PageSlayers Summer Camp is geared towards incoming 4th and 5th grade students in Opa-locka, but we are in the process of expansion. If you are interested in partnering with us, please visit our contact page.

+ What will PageSlayers campers study?

Campers will examine and flourish in the arts of short stories, flash fiction and poetry and they will write creative pieces, sharing their work as the week progresses. All aspects of the writing process will be studied, from inspiration and idea generation to publication and performance.

+ Where does the PageSlayers Summer Camp take place?

All sessions will take place at the Thrive Innovation District (780 Fisherman Street, 2nd Floor, Opa-locka, FL 33054).

+ When does PageSlayers Summer Camp take place?

The 2018 summer camp dates have not yet been determined. Check back in 2018 for updates!

+ Who will teach the creative writing classes?

Each camp session will employ published, professional writers of color as lead teachers. There will also assistant teaching instructors, as well as visiting writers who will offer mini workshops in various genres to expose students to new forms and authors.

+ Why teach creative writing?

So many reasons! Here’s a short list:
-- To reinforce students’ understanding of the written word as a healthy mode of expression and art, as well as a skill of upmost importance;
-- To provide campers an opportunity to grow as individuals and navigate the world through writing;
-- To provide campers a safe space to develop their voices;
-- To inspire other programs and conversations that address exchanges and build community for literary arts through creative writing involving young writers of color in Miami;
-- Improving students’ written and oral skills to help improve their performance in Language Arts courses, as well as their test scores;

+ Why Opa-Locka?

-- To create a locally meaningful reading and literary arts event for the Opa-locka community and greater Miami;
-- To instill local pride in Opa-locka’s young residents as creative and exemplary students and individuals;
-- To generate interest in PageSlayers, inspire more students to apply, inspire other communities in Miami to do start their own chapters;

+ How can I be involved?

If you're interested in volunteering, collaborations, or wish to donate, please email us at: info(at)

+ Is PageSlayers hiring?

We will be looking to hire different positions in the near future. Join our newsletter and check back here for future updates.